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The Public Sector Finances

The public sector finances shows those activities, which are owned or controlled by the general government and also illustrates the public area as an economic unit called the public sector. Consequently, the statistics also contain figures concerning the general government, which are used in producing statistical information about all the activities that fall within the public sector. Statistics Denmark began publishing the statistics in March 1998 when they contained figures covering a five-year period (1992-1996).

Statistical presentation

The statistics illustrate the institutional distribution of activities carried out by the public corporations, giving total figures as well as figures divided into industrial groups. Furthermore, the statistics contain figures for the public sector and all public corporations and quasi-corporations. Specified figures for production, value added, gross operating surplus and gross domestic product at factor cost are included in the statistics.

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Statistical processing

There is full coverage.

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Some users needs information on the total sector and the subsectors contribution to the public sector as a hole. Others needs detailed information on the public corporations.

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Accuracy and reliability

Full coverage of all industries is obtained by conducting a yearly check of the population in relation to a variety of sources. Accounting information is obtained from central and local government accounts and furthermore from questionnaires. Some accounting information is adjusted to the terminology used in the national accounts system and therefore deviates from normal accounting conventions. Furthermore, public corporations may use different methods of accounting. Accounting data entered wrongly are also a source of error, which is minimized by comparison with information from the previous year.

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Timeliness and punctuality

The statistic is published in December the year after the latest accounting year and without delays.

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Comparison over time and with other countries are good.

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Accessibility and clarity

The statistics are published in Nyt fra Danmarks Statistik (News from Statistics Denmark) and in Offentlige finanser (Public finance) appearing in the series Statistiske Efterretninger (Statistical News). Statistics also appear in the annual publication Statistisk Tiårsoversigt (Statistical Ten-Year Review) and in StatBank Denmark (OFF14). For further information: Thee public sector finances

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