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Sales of Alcohol and Tobacco

The purpose of the statistics is to describe the sale of tobacco and alcohol in Denmark. The sale statistics has been produced since 1939 and goes back to 1921.

Statistical presentation

The sale of alcohol and tobacco is a yearly statistic based on the duty paid to SKAT. The statistics is split by type of goods in the first transaction stage, i.e. typically sale from producer or wholesale to retail.

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Statistical processing

Data is retrieved from the Danish tax authorities, whom also conduct basic data validation. The data is corrected for the breweries moderation scheme prior to publication. The taxable sale is, therefore, the sale of alcohol and tobacco to the retail trade. The revenue from the taxes are recalculated to volumes on the basis of the Danish Ministry of Taxation's tax classes.

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The statistic provides an overview for institutions, e.g. industry organisations and producers of the sector for production of alcohol and tobacco, and others with an interest for the subject.

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Accuracy and reliability

The data covers the taxable sale of alcohol and tobacco. Only the final numbers are published.

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Timeliness and punctuality

The statistic is published yearly and usually published according to the announced time without delay.

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Statistics Denmark have calculated different versions of this statistics since 1921. Data breaks occur whenever there are changes to the rules and taxes on alcohol and tobacco. No directly comparable statistics internationally are known.

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Accessibility and clarity

The statistic is published in "Nyt fra Danmarks Statistik". In the Statbank the numbers are published in the tables ALKO2, ALKO3 and ALKO4. Furthermore, the numbers are included in yearly publications of Statistical Yearbook and Statistical Ten-Year Review. Se more on the statistics' website Consumption of alcohol and tobacco.

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