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Statistical processing

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Government Finances, Economic statistics
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Regional Accounts

The regional accounts are compiled from the production side.

In connection with regional allocation there are two principles:

  1. Bottom-up approach, where regional information is used directly
  2. Top-down approach, where regional indicators which are closely related to the variable, which should be allocated, are used as distribution keys.

Often a combination of the two methods is used.

Often a combination of the two methods is used. In the Danish regional accounts very often a so called "pseudo bottom-up/technical top-down" method is used. This means that you technical use the top-down method, but that the distribution key is of the same type of data as the national variable, that they are meant to distribute. An example of this is the Accounts Statistics, which is carried out at the work-place level and is are used as a source in both the national and the regional accounts.

Source data

The calculation of regional accounts is based, wherever possible, on regional compilations of the data sources used in national accounts. The main sources are the Statistics of Agricultural Accounts, Statistics of Employment in Businesses, VAT Statistics, Statistics of Manufacturers' Sales of Commodities, the Database for Integrated Public Accounts (DIOR), R&D statistics and Income statistics. The sources are used either directly or forms the basis for calculations of economic development. Furthermore various volume indicators for regional activity are used. In the figures from 1995 onwards Accounts Statistics for Manufacturing and Retail trade is incorporated in the regional accounts and in the figures from 1998 and onwards also Accounts Statistics for Wholesale trade is incorporated. From 1999 Accounts Statistics for Sale of motor vehicles, Hotels and restaurants, Business activities etc. and some Transport activities is added, and from 2001 Accounts Statistics is also used to allocate production and input in post and Telecommunication. There is thus a change in sources and methods used, from 1994 to 1995, from 1997 to 1998, from 1998 to 1999 and again from 2000 to 2001.

Frequency of data collection


Data collection

Not relevant for these statistics.

Data validation

Data validation in the regional accounts is carried out in means of macro debugging at the publication level. If needed, corrections are made. Information about data validation in National Accounts in general can be found in the quality declaration of Annual National Accounts

Data compilation

The data compilation is described together with data validation.


No corrections of data are made besides the earlier mentioned corrections under "data validation" and "data compilation".