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Real property taxes

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Real property taxes

The purpose of Property Taxation is to show the development in property taxes and their allocation to municipalities and (to 2006) counties. The detailed property tax statistics has existed since 1937. Before that time property tax statistics was also published statistics on property taxation, albeit at a more aggregated basis.

Statistical presentation

The statistics show the distribution of property taxes to municipalities and (to 2006) counties as well as in kind (land and cover charges).

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Statistical processing

Land tax per mil: For each region/ county the statistics indicate a weighted average percentage for municipalities in the region/ county and a weighted average for the whole country. The weighted average is calculated as the total income divided by the total tax base for the related area, where the imposed tax is the total budgeted income minus personal relief. The weighting is calculated as each municipality income tax in percent of the total income tax.

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The statistics are part in the general economic debate.

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Accuracy and reliability

Property Statistics Register, which is the basis for the statistics final figures, consists of two parts, an assessment part from SKAT and a tax part from KMD, which is updated regularly. Due to the fact that extracts from respectively assessment part and tax part not have the same update status, there may be slight discrepancies in the data between the two parts.

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Timeliness and punctuality

The statistics is published in November in the tax year.

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The census has been conducted since 1937, but changes in municipal and county compositions makes comparisons over time difficult.

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Accessibility and clarity

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