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Statistical processing

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Private Economy and Welfare, Individual Statistics
Jarl Christian Quitzau
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Quality of Life Indicators

There is a schema collection of 38 questions on the quality of life collected from 42,500 adult people. These data (questions) listed and classified by age, sex, income, education and socioeconomic status.

Source data

Individual Danish questionnaire to 42,500 people over 18 years. In addition, statistics extracts from Statistics Denmark eg Population, Wealth and Income, etc.

Frequency of data collection


Data collection

There has been used existing data registers from Statistics Denmark, as well as web questionnaire and telephone interview.

Data validation

As part of quality assurance procedures set Statistics Denmark questionnaire in Statistics Denmark Surveys standard template with the primary purpose of ensuring the correct understanding of questionnaire design and filter lead. In connection with the setup in the default template through Statistics Denmark's schedule in order to ensure that each topic is introduced to the extent that respondents need to deal with any challenges with respect. Comparability between the two collection methods, Web and telephone, ensuring a natural flow in the table so that both respondents and interviewers have a good progress during the interview and thus creates the best conditions for fair response and high execution rate

Data compilation

The questions collected by Statistics Denmark Survey, which transmits them to the office of Private Economy and Welfare which linking a number of objective data on the data set, and then develop matrix in Statbanks.


Prepare not corrections of data beyond what has already been described in data validation and data processing.