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Public sector employment (quarterly)

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Labour and Income, Social Statistics.
Lars Peter Christensen
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Public sector employment (quarterly) 2023 Quarter 4

The public employment statistics cover general government sector and its subsectors. The statistics are published quarterly and are distributed by subsector and by purpose. The classification by purpose follows the classification COFOG (Classification of the functions of Government).

Statistical presentation

The statistics publish quarterly the number of full-time employees in general government sector. The statistics are broken down by subsector and the COFOG classification.

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Statistical processing

The data source of the statistics is the eIncome Register of Statistics Denmark. This is combined with information on e.g. public account numbers from public reports.

Data are always quality controlled at a cross-level between COFOG and the subsectors of general government.

The COFOG distributions are revised occasionally and data are revised in accordance with the data source. Time-series are seasonally adjusted.

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Among users of the statistics are ministries, government agencies and municipalities, various organizations, researchers, politicians and others interested in the development of employment and the number of staff employed within the general government sector.

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Accuracy and reliability

The data source of the statistics is the eIncome Register of Statistics Denmark which is the main data source for register-based employment statistics published by Statistics Denmark. This register is considered as highly reliable.

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Timeliness and punctuality

The statistics are expected to be published without any delay in relation to the time for publication announced.

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Comparable data are available based on the new statistics from first quarter 2008 onwards. Based on the former statistics historical data are available for the period first quarter 2002 until fourth quarter 2012.

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Accessibility and clarity

The statistics are published in News from Statistics Denmark and in the database Statbank Denmark.

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