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Port calls in Danish sea ports (experimental statistics)

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Port calls in Danish sea ports 2020 (experimental statistics)

This experimental statistics shows the activity in Danish ports measured by port calls. The statistics as an experimental statistics is not part of the official statistics program of Statistics Denmark. The statistics is experimental because it is the first time Statistics Denmark uses the large amounts of data in the AIS system (Automated Information System) and the methods for data treatment are still under development. The details in the presentation and the form of dissemination can change as Statistics Denmark receives feedback from users or during the continued development.

Statistical presentation

The statistics is an index of the number of port calls to Danish ports and covers freight and container vessels. The statistics is made based on ship position data (AIS data) made available by the Danish Maritime Authority. The statistics is only published in the Statbank.

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Statistical processing

AIS data is received in a continuous stream and registered daily. The process starts with a data reduction after which a representative arrival and departure observation is selected. Afterwards the ports are defined from the AIS-data after which ports and arrival/departure pairs representing a port call is matched.

Finally tables, indices and seasonally adjustments are produces.

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The statistics provides faster data on the activity in Danish ports and the possibility to cover more types of vessels compared to existing maritime statistics. The statistics is experimental and a part of this concept is to reveal relevance and user needs. Industry organisations have however expressed interest in the statistics.

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Accuracy and reliability

The precision of the statistics in terms of the development of the actual port calls in Danish ports and for freight and container vessels is relative high based on a comparison between the quarterly maritime statistics.

The statistics is at the moment assessed to have a medium reliability since no revision analysis has been performed yet.

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Timeliness and punctuality

The statistics is planned for publication approximately 10 days after the reference period.

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Only few other countries uses AIS data to make maritime statistics since the statistics still is an experimental statistics without a fixed international methodology. A comparison with similar data from the maritime statistics is possible despite a number of differences.

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Accessibility and clarity

The statistics is published in Statbank and on the subject page for Harbours

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