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The pig survey are a sample survey published every quarter as the numbers of pigs in Denmark. The statistics are published in the newsletter Nyt fra Danmarks Statistik (in Danish only) and in the Statbank. The data series with the total stock of pigs (pigs, total) are only published without seasonal adjustment from 2020.

Data description

The pig surveys are a estimation of the total number of pigs in Denmark at the first day in every quarter. The statistic are based on a sample from a population includes all active farms in Denmark, which is registered with pigs in the Central Livestock Register (CHR). The stock of pigs is further divided into 10 sub-groups and a total for the stock of sows.

Classification system

The stock of pigs is grouped as total number of pigs with the following 10 sub-groups:

  • Boars for service
  • Pigs for breeding (over 50 kilo)
  • Sows (gilts) covered for the first time
  • Other sows to farrow
  • Barren sows
  • Sows with litters
  • Piglets at sows
  • Weaners under 50 kilo
  • Pigs for slaughtering, 50 kg and over
  • Boars and sows for slaughter

In addition the total number of sows are published based on summation of:

  • Sows covered for the first time
  • Other sows to farrow
  • Barren sows
  • Sows with litters

Sector coverage

The agricultural sector

Statistical concepts and definitions

Other sows to farrow.: Other sows, which are mated and they are expected to be pregnant. Sows to farrow for the first time are not below other sows.

Boars for service: A boar is a male pig on 50 kilo or more used for breeding.

Sows with litters: Sows with piglets where the piglets teat at the sow.

Weaned pigs under 50 kg: Consists of piglets (from 7 to 35 kilo) taken from their mother and young pig up to a weight of 50 kg.

Barren sows: Sows, for breeding, which are not yet pregnant or have piglets, which teat at the sow.

Sows to farrow for the first time: Female pig that is pregnant for the first time.

Agricultural farms in Denmark: A technical and economic unit producing agricultural products, either livestock or crops.

Sows and boars taken out for slaughter: Breeding boars and sows for slaughtering, as they are not to be used in breeding anymore.

Piglets: Newborn pig that still feeds on the sow.

Sows, total: The total number of sows, which are the sum of: Pigs (over 50 kilo) for breeding, Other sows to farrow, Sows with litters and Barren sows. A sow is a female pig used for breeding.

Pig (over 50 kg) for breeding: Female pig (over 50 kg) for breeding and they has not yet paired the first time.

Pig: The term "pig" means domestic animals of the species Sus scrofa domesticus.

Pigs, total: The total number of pigs in Denmark.

Statistical unit


Statistical population

The total number of pigs in Denmark.

Reference area


Time coverage

The statistics cover the period from first quarter 1998 and onward. Older time series are described under Comparability over time.

Base period

Not relevant for this statistics.

Unit of measure

The unit of measure is number of pigs in 1000.

Reference period

The survey date is the 1st day in each quarter i.e. 01 January , 01 April, 01 July and 01 October.

Frequency of dissemination

The statistics are published quarterly.

Legal acts and other agreements

The legal authority to collect data is provided by the Act on Statistics Denmark, section 8.

The statistics are regulated by EU Regulation (EC) No 1165/2008 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 19 November 2008 concerning livestock and meat statistics.

Cost and burden

The response burden is calculated at 600,000 DKK in 2014.


For further information please consult the subject page Livestock or contract Statistic Denmark.