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Statistical processing

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Labour and Income, Social Statistics
Morten Steenbjerg Kristensen
+45 3917 3267

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Old Age Pension and Disability Pension

The statistics are based on complete administrative registers. Data are checked for consistency and at aggregate level compared to data from previous years. No corrections of data have been necessary in recent years

Source data

The source is Udbetaling Danmark social pensions register (UDKPE).

Frequency of data collection


Data collection

Data are transferred electronically from administrative registers on a secure platform via automated systems.

Data validation

The collected individual level data are examined for inconsistencies between the type of pension and background information such as age and that the amount paid is consistent with the amount defined by legislation. At an aggregate level, data are checked against data from previous years taking into account changes in legislation of old age and disability pension.

Data compilation

The validated data are aggregated prior to publication.


There is no adjustments of data.