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Labour and Income, Social Statistics
Morten Steenbjerg Kristensen
+45 3917 3267

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Old Age Pension and Disability Pension

The main users are municipalities, ministries and organisations such as Ældre Sagen and ATP. The statistic contains information on the financial living condition of pensioners. Also, data provide the opportunity to estimate the financial effect of changes in legislation.

User Needs

The statistics are used for the Law Model, by the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Integration and the Ministry of Employment to assess the law on social pensions. The municipalities, the National Association of Local Authorities and the Ministry of Finance use the statistics for budgeting and municipal equalization. In addition, the statistics are used by Daneage (Ældre Sagen) and other interest organiations, Statistics Denmark for coordination with other statistical areas, the press and other researchers.

User Satisfaction

An annual user committee meeting is held, which also covers these statistics. No systematic feedback from users has been collected, but the regular telephone contact to interested parties is friendly and positive.

Data completeness rate

All data is published. There is no EU requirements.