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Short Term Statistics, Business Statistics
Majbrit Holst
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Nights spent at hotels, holiday resorts and youth hostels

The accommodation statistics is relevant to everyone with an interest in tourism, and it can also be used as an economic indicator. Tourism is of increasing significance to the economy and the statistics is more relevant than ever. The accommodation statistics is under constant review and the user needs are rapidly changing with the emergence of peer-to-peer platforms such as AirBnB.

User Needs

The accommodation statistics is of interest to accommodation businesses who can use the data to compare their own development with the development in general. Furthermore, the accommodation statistics can be used by The European Commission, ministries and business and tourism organizations for the purpose of monitoring the market and subsequently make informed policy decisions.

User Satisfaction

Statistics Denmark hosts a bi-annual meeting with interested parties from the industry. The participants have the opportunity to get knowledge on the latest developments in the statistics as well as discuss the current situation and provide valuable suggestions for improvements.

Data completeness rate

The accommodation statistics is not fully aligned with the EU-regulation which states a cut-off of 10 bed places in the monthly accommodation statistics. Currently, the monthly accommodation statistics has a cut-off of 40 bed places. From 2019 and onwards, an additional annual survey will be available with the accommodation numbers from the smaller hotels and similar, holiday centers and hostels with 10-39 bed places.

Nights spent via Airbnb and similar are not included in this statistics.