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Nights spent at hotels, holiday resorts and youth hostels

The accommodation statistics is comparable with the other EU-statistics on tourism. The breakdown into nationalities has expanded from 13 to 51 since 1996 and this can weaken the comparability when using time series.

Comparability - geographical

The accommodation statistics is comparable with other accommodation statistics done by EU-member states. The Danish statistics can be under-estimated compared with other EU-member states who use the lower cut-off limit of a minimum of 10 bed places.

Comparability over time

The aggregated statistics is comparable with previously published data. Before 1991 smaller hotels with 10-39 bed places are in the statistics, while information on 11 larger holiday resorts are missing. From 1996, the number of nationalities expanded from 13 to 21. Before 2005, Luxembourg was included in the numbers for Belgium, and the nationality "Asia Other" is South East Asia and China. From 2005, the number of nationalities expanded from 21 to 46. Since 2004, a breakdown into purpose of the the trip has been added for nights spent on hotels and holiday resorts, not hostels. Since 2008, the number of nationalities expanded from 46 to 48, and again from 2013 it expanded from 48 to 51, when Croatia, India and Thailand were made separate categories.

Coherence - cross domain

The statistics uses NUTS and NACE classifications and hence follows the European standards regarding business statistics.

Coherence - internal

Data is based on one source - standardized reports from the accommodation businesses. Data is therefore believed to have a high level of internal consistency.