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It is possible to compare the survey for visitors to state museums and state recognized museums. For museums with other state aid and non-governmental support, comparison with data before 2016 should be taken with reservation as population formation changed in 2016. EGMUS The European Group on Museum Statistics publishes numbers of museums for most European countries. Many countries collect only information about state-sponsored museums.

Comparability - geographical

EGMUS The European Group on Museum Statistics have on their web site figures for the museums.

Comparability over time

In 2020 and in 2021, the statistic is affected by the lockdowns and restrictions due to COVID-19.

Comparability concerning number of visitors is possible from 1984 onwards. On aggregated level the comparability should be subject to reservation due to the increase of the population.

Coherence - cross domain

The cultural heritage survey 2018 asks for the Danes' cultural consumption, including mice and cultural heritage. Since the museum statistics are a business report and the cultural habit survey is personal statistics, reservations must be made if you want to compare the figures. In the Cultural habit study, museums are more broadly defined eg exhibitions, eg galleries etc. also. In relation to the period, the cultural heritage study is a quarterly statistics while the museum statistics are an annual report. The cultural heritage survey measures cultural consumption over the past three months. With the proviso, the two statistics can advantageously complement each other, as the cultural habit study can, for example, shed light on the population's level of activity and link it with background variables, thus giving the opportunity to give a picture of who and what characterizes a consumer of museums. Lack of use of museums can also be described by means of the cultural habit survey.

Coherence - internal

Not relevant for this statistics.