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Migration to and from Denmark (Discontinued)

There is a break in the series in 2007, where a new way of calculating the annual immigration and emigration was introduced. The changes are particularly relevant for emigration where the new method results in lower numbers.

Comparability - geographical

Eurostat publishes migration statistics for Denmark in connection with regulation 862/2007. Eurostat´s figures are lower due to different time criteria regarding duration of stay. In Eurostat the time criteria is 12 months for both immigration and emigration. That means only immigrated person with an intended duration of stay of at least 12 months should be counted as immigrated. In Statistics Denmark´s national publications it is 3 months for immigration and 6 months for emigration.

The numbers for Eurostat are calculated looking at actual duration of stay of 12 months ore more. For 2013 the immigration number for Eurostat was 60.312. The corresponding for this statistic was 78.259.

Comparability over time

Time series from 1980 are available.

In 2007 a change was made, so that only movements within the reference year were included. Prior to that all registrations in the reference year were included. Including these where the movement took place in a year prior to the reference year. The effect of the changes was felt the most for emigration where the new method result in lower numbers.

Coherence - cross domain

Quarterly statistics about migration to and from Denmark are also published.

Coherence - internal

Not relevant for these statistics.