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Short Term Statistics, Business Statistics
Kari Anne Janisse
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Leisure and Business Trips

The survey covers leisure and business trips with nights spent as well as same-day visits made by adult Danes aged 15 or older. In broader terms, the survey covers the travel habits of the adult Danish population.

The most important variables are: - Travel frequency and propensity - Purpose of the trip - Duration of the trip - Destination of the trip - The average expenditure

Data description

The survey´s overall purpose is to describe the travel patterns of adult Danes, and in more detail the Danes that go on leisure and business trips with nights spent as well as same-day visits outside their usual environment. The survey covers the use of infrastructure and accommodation. Further information is also given on the preferred destinations and the total expenditures concerning the journey. The survey has undergone several methodical changes during the years which in turn makes it less appropriate as a time series. Instead, the survey is more feasible as a cross-section in time with information on for instance the purpose of the trips, the preferred destinations and the expenditure in a given year of reference.

Classification system

No standard classifications are used.

Sector coverage

The tourism sector and in more general terms, the behavior and consumption patterns of the population.

Statistical concepts and definitions

Number of trips is the number of trips made outside of the usual environment.

Statistical unit

The primary statistical unit is the number of trips made by Danish residents aged 15 years or older.

Statistical population

The target population is the Danish population aged 15 years or older that are residing in Denmark.

Reference area


Time coverage

The survey is available from 1999 to 2012 as a statistical publication (pdf). Data from 2001 and onwards are available in the StatBank.

Base period

Not relevant.

Unit of measure

The primary unit of measure is number of trips.

Reference period

The survey is compiled annually and published approx. 7 months after the end of the reference year.

Frequency of dissemination


Legal acts and other agreements

Participation in the survey is voluntary and it is a part of a joint EU survey on tourism demand in relation to Regulation 692/2011 concerning European statistics on tourism. Similar surveys are made in the other EFTA and EU member states.

Cost and burden

As participation is voluntary, no respondent burden is calculated.


The survey has a web page Leisure and Business trips.