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International Trade in Goods by Enterprise Characteristics

The purpose of Trade in Goods by Enterprise Characteristics (TEC) is to describe enterprises engaging in foreign trade, how large they are, which economic sector they belong to, how many countries they trade with etc. These statistics have been compiled since 2010 are comparable until 2018 for legal units. From 2019 and onwards the statistics have been compiled on the basis of the enterprise unit.

Statistical presentation

Trade in Goods by Enterprise Characteristics is an annual measurement of enterprises involved in foreign trade and their characteristics, stated in number of enterprises and value. The statistics are grouped by economic activity, enterprise size, partner countries, ownership, type of trade and concentration of trade. The statistics can be found in our statbank under the subject External Economy.

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Statistical processing

These statistics are compiled by combining data for International Trade in Goods (ITGS) with Business register data. Data is validated by comparing data with the sources used for compiling the statistics and by comparing the different tables compiled in this statistic.

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These statistics are relevant for analysts and enterprises, for analyses of e.g. globalization and enterprises which contribute to external trade in Denmark.

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Accuracy and reliability

The accuracy for International Trade in Goods by Enterprise Characteristics is closely related to the accuracy of International Trade in Goods Statistics which is high on an aggregated level. The revisions follow the revision structure of International Trade in Goods Statistics.

There may be changes in enterprise characteristics (e.g. size, industry and ownership) during a given year, which can give rise to a change the trade flows, but the statistics reflect the characteristics at the end of the year.

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Timeliness and punctuality

These statistics are published 10 months after the reference period. They are published without any delays.

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These statistics have been disseminated since 2014 and contains values from 2010 and onwards. It is in its present form comparable from 2010 and onwards. These statistics are compiled according to common European guidelines and are therefore comparable with statistics from other EU countries published by Eurostat. The comparability can be influenced by the difference between the general- and special trade system.

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Accessibility and clarity

These statistics are published annual in a Danish press release, at the same time as the tables are updated in the StatBank. In the StatBank, these statistics can be found under the International Trade in Goods. The statistics can also be found in various publications and analysis’ and it is possible to gain access to microdata through our program for authorized research institutions.

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