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International organisation and outsourcing

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Business Dynamics, Business Statistics
Alina Grecu
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International organisation and outsourcing 2020

The purpose of the statistics International organisation and outsourcing is to shed light on significant globalization trends concerning the enterprises' global organization and the extent of international sourcing of business functions for the period 2018-2020 as well as direct trade (goods and services) with enterprises abroad in 2020. Also covered is the organization of business functions in Denmark. The statistics has been collected also for the periods 2001-2006, 2009-2011, and 2014-2016. The survey is part of an international survey co-financed by Eurostat, the statistical office of EU.

Statistical presentation

The survey has been carried out intermittently a number of times since 2007. The purpose of the survey is to establish data on the engagement of enterprises in global value chains and international outsourcing, motives and barriers related to international sourcing and the types of functions and number of jobs being moved out of Denmark as a consequence of enterprises' international sourcing. The survey covers international sourcing, international trade (purchasing and selling goods and services) directly with enterprises abroad, the organisation by business functions within the enterprise in Denmark, and the impact from COVID-19 on selected aspects of business operation.

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Statistical processing

Data for this statistics are collected via questionnaires from a population of app. 3,600 respondents with 50 or more employees. The responses are checked electronically as well as manually. Missing values are imputed in a limited number of cases, using a nearest-neighbor donor.

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The purpose of the statistics is to shed light on enterprises' international outsourcing and engagement in global value chains. The primary users of the statistics are ministries, researchers and business organizations, who need information on the influence and importance of globalization on the Danish business sector. The statistics is used for research project and analyses where globalization and outsourcing are topics.

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Accuracy and reliability

The statistics is estimated to have a high degree of precision for the main variables.

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Timeliness and punctuality

Results are published within 18 months after the end of the reference period. Publications are released on time, as stated in the release calendar.

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Data from the survey may be compared to the data collected in the surveys from 2007, 2012 and 2017. Furthermore it will be possible to compare the results of the Danish survey to those from a range of other EU-countries. Data may also be compared to data from statistics on Accounts for non-agricultural industries and General enterprise statistics, for the activities and size-classes which are covered.

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Accessibility and clarity

These statistics are published yearly in a Danish press release (Nyt fra Danmarks Statistik - in Danish only), at the same time as the tables are updated in the StatBank. In the StatBank, these statistics can be found under Outsourcing. Furthermore data can be made available to researchers.

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