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Statistics Denmark, Short Term Statistics
Bo Eriksen
+45 3917 3552

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Industry investment survey (discontinued)

Users of the statistics are trade organizations, banks, politicians, public authorities, international organizations, business enterprises and the news media. The confidence indicators provides valuable information about the state of the business economy and are reflected upon every month in financial related news medias. There has been no survey if the statistics meets the needs of clients.

User Needs

The main users of the survey are various industry confederations, the financial sector, politicians, public authorities, private organizations and the news media. Investment is an important leading indicator and the information on expected future investment contributes to the forecasting of overall economic activity.

User Satisfaction

There are no measurements of user satisfaction.

Data completeness rate

The Business Surveys are conducted in partnership with the EU commission, Directorate General Economic and Financial affairs (DG ECFIN) and follows as far as possible the guidelines provided by them. As a matter of confidentiality some line of business has been aggregated in larger groups.