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Personal Finance and Welfare, Social Statistics
Uwe Pedersen
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Indices of Average Earnings for the Private Sector (Discontinued)

Private corporations and organisations in Denmark and abroad, and ministries and other public institutions are the most frequent users of the index. The index is especially used in relation to regulation of contracts. In addition to that, the index plays a vital part in the wage negotiations of employees in the public sector.

User Needs

Users of the statistics are private business enterprises, national and international organisations, ministries and public institutions. The index of average earnings are especially used to in relation to regulation of contracts. In addition, they also play a part in the regulation of wages paid to public employees through the collective bargaining process.

User Satisfaction

User satisfaction has not been investigated or quantified. Nevertheless, based on the number of viewings at Statistics Denmarks homepage and at Statbank and other more direct inquiries, the user satisfaction is considered to be very high. Every second year, a more detailed discussion of the methodological issues behind the index are held at one of the meetings of the contact committee. At these meetings the most central user representatives are present and it is obvious that they are not only interested in learning about the indices, but are also quite satisfied with the quality of them.

Data completeness rate

There is no regulation or guideline for the Index of average earnings for Corporations and Organisations concerning the completeness of data, but the coverage is in accordance with the national accounts definition of the sector Corporations and Organisations which is outside the Public Sector, Central Government.

Because of quality issues and the fact that the index is based on a sample and not the whole population, the index is not published for small branches of economic activity. This concerns e.g. the classification codes B oil refinery and E water supply and renovation.