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Indices of Average Earnings for the Private Sector (Discontinued)

The index of average earnings for Corporations and Organizations replace the index of average earnings of the private sector which was last published for the fourth quarter of 2013. The comparability of the two indices is considered to be high. The difference has to do with the new applied delimitations of the sectors, where some of the public owned enterprises, such as Danish Railways (DSB) and some of the municipal owned resource centers, now according to the new delimitations of the sectors belong to “the index of average earnings of Corporations and Organizations”. The new sector delimitations were applied in the indices going back to first quarter of 2013, where it caused a small data breach.

Comparability - geographical

The index of average earnings can to some extent be compared to other similar indices abroad. It should be highlighted that there normally are quite big differences in the methodology behind the indices, and therefore they are not fully comparable.

Comparability over time

Due to a new sector delimitation starting from the first quarter of 2013, there was a small breach in the data for this quarter. The new sector delimitation now follows the same principles as the delimitation used for the national accounts. The previous delimitation of sectors was run into the fourth quarter of 2013. Except for the small breach in data caused by this shift, the index is comparable going back to the first quarter of 2005. Before that the index was classified according to an older version of the Danish Industrial Classifications (DB03), and the subdivisions of the classification are not perfectly comparable to the subdivisions of the new classification version (DB07). Nevertheless, the total index covering all class of industries is comparable no matter what version of the classification that has been used.

Coherence - cross domain

A corresponding statistics for the public sector exists.

Coherence - internal

The index is based on a single data source and so there are no internal inconsistency.