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Immigrants and Descendants (Discontinued)

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Population and Education, Social Statistics
Dorthe Larsen
+45 39 17 33 07

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Immigrants and Descendants 2017 Month 01

The statistics on immigrants and their descendants were introduced in 1991. The concepts were introduced to make it possible to give information on population with foreign background, incl. people who have attained Danish citizenship.

Statistical presentation

The statistics provide information on the number of immigrants and their descendants, their age, sex, citizenship, place of birth, country of origin and geographical distribution.

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Statistical processing

The statistics is based upon daily input data from the Central Population Register (CPR).

Input data is not validated..

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Municipalities, ministries, the press and private individuals use the statistic for public and private planning purposes and as input to the public debate.

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Accuracy and reliability

There could be missing data for citizenship, country of birth and family relations.

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Timeliness and punctuality

The statistics regarding immigrants and their descendants are published approximately 45 days after the end of the quarter.

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The information about immigrants and their descendants are comparable from 1980 and forward. Boundary changes and changes in the classification of countries are reflected in the statistics.

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Accessibility and clarity

News from Statistics Denmark (Nyt fra Danmarks Statistik) and Statbank.

Annual publications: Vital Statistics, Statistical Yearbook, Statistical ten-year review and Immigrants in Denmark (Indvandrere i Danmark).

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