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Business Dynamics, Business Statistics
Mahtab Keshavarz
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ICT-Expenditure in Enterprises

  • Private sector: The survey examines ICT expenditure in enterprises . Variables include hardware, pre-packaged and customised software, other ICT equipment (telecommunication equipment, audio and video equipment and other ICT equipment) and ICT consultancy. For enterprises in the private sector, the total ICT expenditure is estimated by industry and size groups. Moreover, expenditure in the different sub-groups of expenditure type is estimated, see above.
  • The public sector (state and municipalities): ICT expenditure is not collected since 2007.

Data description

Hardware (Computers and peripheral equipment)

  • ICT equipment including: Communication equipment and Consumer electronic equipment
  • Software including: Business and productivity software and licensing services
  • Information technology consultancy and services including: Business process management services, IT technical consulting services, Telecommunications services and Other ICT services
  • Leasing or rental services for ICT equipment

FTE used on development of software in the period. Cost of FTE used on development of software in the period.

Classification system

Danish Industrial Classification of All Economic Activities 2007 (NACE rev 2 with further breakdown).

Sector coverage

Private business: These activities are: NACE Rev. 2 codes 10.00.00 to 83.00.00 further 95.11.00 and 95.12.00 except 75.00.00(veterinarian).

Statistical concepts and definitions

Communication Equipment : E.g.

  • Line telephone sets with cordless handsets
  • Switchboard
  • Telephones for cellular networks or for other wireless networks

Direct Expenditures: Purchases during the year.

Hardware: E.g.

  • Data processing machines, such as computers, laptop and notebook computers
  • Personal digital assistants and similar computers
  • Printers used with data processing machines
  • Network including routers and cables

Information Technology Consultancy and Services: E.g.

  • Business process management services
  • IT consulting services
  • Computer systems management services

Investment: Investment in the accounting period.

Leasing or Rental Services for ICT Equipment: E.g.

  • Leasing or rental services concerning computers etc.

Miscellaneous ICT Components and Goods: E.g.

  • Digital cameras
  • Printed circuits
  • Other recording media, TV, video, monitors and projectors

Other ICT Services : E.g.

  • Maintenance and repair services of computers and peripheral equipment
  • Installation services of mainframe computers

Software Customized: E.g.

  • Licensing services for the right to use computer software

Software, Packed: E.g.

  • Operating systems, packaged
  • On-line software

Telecommunications Services: E.g.

  • Carrier services
  • Other telecommunications services
  • Other Internet telecommunications services

Statistical unit

Enterprise 10 or more persons employed, the legal unit.

Statistical population

NACE clases C to N and more than 10 FTE

Reference area


Time coverage


Base period

Not relevant for these statistics.

Unit of measure

  • Mio. DKK
  • Number of full time equivalent

Reference period

Private sector: ICT expenditure follows in general the calendar year or the accounting year of which the closing of the accounts takes place between 1 May and 30 April. Latest survey round covers the previous year.

Frequency of dissemination


Legal acts and other agreements

The act on Statistics Denmark (Act No. 599 of 22 June 2000).

The European Parliament and the Council regulation (EC) No. 808/2004 of 21 April 2004.

Cost and burden

431.000 DKK. for 2017


Other information is not available.