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ICT-Expenditure in Enterprises

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Business Dynamics, Business Statistics
Mahtab Keshavarz
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ICT-Expenditure in Enterprises 2016

The purpose of the survey 'ICT expenditure' is to examine the extent of ICT expenditures in the private sector. The survey contributes to the description of the information society. The survey was conducted for the first time in autumn 2004.

Statistical presentation

  • Private sector: The survey examines ICT expenditure in enterprises . Variables include hardware, pre-packaged and customised software, other ICT equipment (telecommunication equipment, audio and video equipment and other ICT equipment) and ICT consultancy. For enterprises in the private sector, the total ICT expenditure is estimated by industry and size groups. Moreover, expenditure in the different sub-groups of expenditure type is estimated, see above.
  • The public sector (state and municipalities): ICT expenditure is not collected since 2007.

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Statistical processing

Population of enterprises are selected according to ownership, activity (NACE code) and number of employee (more than 10 full time equivalent)

The drawing of sample is coordinated with the SBS accounting statistics.

Errors in sum are corrected and outliers are identified, contacted and eventually corrected.

Weights are estimated for 60 strata and the recordings of each enterprise is multiplied according to the strata.

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Statistics is used in business organizations, service contracts with ICT enterprises, ministries and the results are included in research projects.

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Accuracy and reliability

Approx 3,200 responses have been used in the grossing up procedure. The results are grossed up so that they correspond to full coverage of the surveyed industries and size groups. Each enterprise in the sample is assigned a weight such that it represents a certain number of enterprises in the population. The grossing up procedure is based on the number of enterprises, and the number of fulltime employees within employment groups. Regarding the enterprises the response rate is 95 per cent for the survey. Loss is due to bankruptcy, take over, etc. The high response rate indicates that results are reliable as the statistical variance indicates. Measures of inaccuracy for selected variables are available.

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Timeliness and punctuality

Statistics are published on time one year and 4 month after reference year.

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Comparable figures from 2008 and forward. Eurostat have collected data for 2009 and 2012 not yet published by Eurostat.

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Accessibility and clarity

  • News from Statistics Denmark
  • Yearbook: Information Society Denmark.
  • Main results are accessible at the website of Statistics Denmark and at Statbank Denmark.

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