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Holiday houses

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Holiday dwellings 2024

The purpose of the statistic Holiday houses is to visualize the capacity and rental activity for Danish holiday houses through from rental agencies. Users of the statistics is e.g. business and tourism organisations as well as municipalities and regions to analyse the development in tourism. The statistics have been compiled since 1968 in various forms. Figures for the first years are available in printed editions of the Statistical Yearbook. In its current form, the statistics are comparable since 1992. Figures on nights spend at holiday houses or holiday apartments complements other tourism statistics on nights spend e.g. hotels, camping.

Statistical presentation

The statistics about holiday houses are a monthly and annual calculation of Danish holiday houses that are rented out through rental agencies. The statistics are divided into nationalities of the guests, as well as geographically by regions and parts of the country. In addition, there is an annual assessment of the capacity of vacation houses for rental. Numbers of Municipal distribution is prepared in collaboration with VisitDenmark.

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Statistical processing

Data for this statistics is collected monthly for reporting that covers approx. 95 pct. of the population, to which is added an enumeration of the annual reports from the previous year, so that the entire population of holiday house rental with a minimum of 25 houses available is covered. The monthly statistics shows temporary data for the holiday house rental. When the reference year is over, the calculated imputed values are replaced with the final data for the year. The annual statistics with the final data include reporting from every holiday house rental with a minimum of 25 houses available for renting.

Data for the annual statistics is collected via an upload solution for the rental agencies that only report annually or via an electronic questionnaire for the rental agencies that report monthly. The collected data undergoes micro-level debugging during the actual collection and at the macro-level when the data is aggregated.

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The statistics are relevant for e.g. the companies, industry associations, municipalities and regions as well as business and tourism organizations as a basis for forecasts, analyses and planning purposes.

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Accuracy and reliability

The variables of the statistics associates more or less uncertainty. Number of contracts, number of houses available and rented house-weeks are regarded as the most certain variables. The variable Numbers of nights is regarded as more uncertain, because in some cases they are based on reported estimates.

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Timeliness and punctuality

The monthly statistics for holiday house rental is published approx. 40 days after the end of the reference month. The statistics are published without delays in relation to planned publication times. The annual statement for holiday house rental is published together with the final annual figures approx. 100 days after the end of the reference year.

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The statistics date back to 1986 and have undergone changes over time. From 1986-1990, the statistics only covered holiday house rental in the high season. From 1990, the statistics covered an operating year, i.e. early October to and including the end of September. From 1998, the annual statistics are based on the calendar year. In 2011, the overnight figures for 2010 were adjusted upwards by 647,000 as a result of revised information from some rental agencies. As a consequence, the number of overnight stays in 2010 and 2011 and onwards is not immediately comparable with the number of overnight stays in previous years. From 2012, the number of available houses for rent was removed from the monthly statistics. Instead, the figure is calculated once a year with the number of available houses for rent per year. May 1. in the reference year.

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Accessibility and clarity

The statistics are published monthly and annually in Nyt from Statistics Denmark. In the Statistics Bank, the figures are published under the subject Holiday houses and Total types of accommodation. In addition, the figures are included in the Statistical Ten-Year Overview. See more on the statistics topic page. Municipality-distributed statistics on holiday rental are financed by VisitDenmark and are freely available on their website.

If you want to combine statistics on holiday home rentals with other variables or put them together in another way, you can contact DST Consulting to clarify options and request a quote.

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