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Government budget allocations for research and development

The statistic give information on the general government budget for research and development from 2001 onwards. The Ministry of Finance is in charge of the bigger part of the data collection.

Statistical presentation

The purpose of the GBARD-statistics is to inform on the public funds available for research and development. The information includes information on the amounts available from the different parts of General Government.

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Statistical processing

Data are received and published once a year. The primary data source is the State Budget for Research and Development, though Statistics Denmark gathers data from additional sources as well. The Ministry of Finance ensures quality control of reported data based on the state budget. In a few cases Statistics Denmark examines further the relevance of reported data.

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Reporting of the data to the EU is regulated by order.

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Accuracy and reliability

Quality is expected to be good as data is reported directly from the ministries responsible for the accounts with research and development and as the Ministry of Finance validates the data.

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Timeliness and punctuality

The statistic comprises data on the state budget which are published in the beginning of the reference year, and data on other parts of the GBARD-statistic which are published half a year later.

The statistic is usually published without delays.

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The statistic is comparable with GBARD-statistics for other countries.

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Accessibility and clarity

Data are available in Statbank in the tables: FOUBUD, FOUBUD1, FOUBUD4, FOUBUD5. Data is not published in a dedicated publication.

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