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From Primary and Lower Secondary and General Upper Secondary School to Further Education

The analysis is a cohort analysis of students with lower or upper secondary general school leaving certificate and their further education in the Danish school system. (Adult education is not included). The present statistic which is based on CPR numbers, was first collected in 1973. Before 1973 the Ministry of Education collected the information at class level. The first cohort analysis was published in March 1978 with information regarding pupils who graduated in 1973/1974.

Statistical presentation

The cohort analysis is an analysis of the education of a cohort of students with lower or upper secondary general school leaving certificates after graduation. A cohort is defined as pupils leaving lower secondary or traditional general secondary education. It is established how many students are in education, have completed an education, have interrupted an education or have no records about further education

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Statistical processing

The information in the Integrated Register of Students are based on annual reports from the Danish educational institutions. The majority of data is collected by system-to-system reporting. However, there are a few educational institutions which report through web questionnaires. In cooperation with system suppliers. Statistics Denmark has established requirements for reporting formats, validation and error searches. In addition, there is an extensive validation of data in Statistics Denmark.

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The register gives a foundation for analyzing the transitions from lower secondary and upper secondary general education to further education in the ordinary education system.

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Accuracy and reliability

The reliability of the educational information is judged to be good. The information in the student register, comes from the institutions' administrative register and goes through an comprehensive error check in connection with the annual data collections.

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Timeliness and punctuality

The statistics are published half a year after the end of the reference time. The statistics are usually published without delay in accordance with the scheduled date.

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Statistics Denmark have published Further education statistics since 2001. The comparability over time is good.

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Accessibility and clarity

These statistics are published yearly in a Danish press release, at the same time as the tables are updated in the StatBank. In the StatBank, these statistics can be found under Educational transitions . For further information, go to the subject page.

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