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Foreign Students

The statistics related to exchange students give an annual counting of the number of student exchange programs at ISCED 2011-level 5-6 and 7 educational programs. The statistics is divided by the length of the exchange period, education, geographical area and the exchange students' gender.

Data description

The statistics about exchange students is an annual count of the number of student exchange programs frequenting ordinary further education.

Data are reported from the educational institutions for the period 1st of September to 31st of August the following year.

The institutions report exchange students following the international taxameter system or studies which gives a merit. Students from abroad coming to Denmark and Danish students who take a part and their education abroad are reported. Only stays which have finished in the specified period are included.

Both genuine exchange students as well as free movers are included.

So called International Students who take the whole education abroad are not included in this statistics.

All values for the year 2021 are considerably lower than previous years. This is likely due to the covid19 pandemic and countries in most of the world closing their borders.

For each educational establishment the following data are reported by student:

  • Type (foreign student in Denmark or Danish student abroad)
  • Educational establishment identification code
  • Personal ID number of the student
  • Education code
  • Country coming from (foreign students)/country going to (Danish students)
  • Begin of visit period
  • End of visit period
  • Type of agreement (Danish students only)
  • Student's first name
  • Students surname
  • Type of stay (study/internship)

Information of exchange students are supplied from Statistics Denmark to The Ministry of education and research, UFM.

Also the Statistical division of the Universities publish figures of exchange students to/from the individual universities on their home-page Universiteternes Statistiske Beredskab - tabel H - Internationalisering.

Classification system

The Educations are classified according to Denmarks Statistics classification Disced 2015. Further information can be found here

Sector coverage

Education sector.

Statistical concepts and definitions

Institution No.: Identification of the Educational institution by the identification No. in the Register of Institutions

Exchangestudents: A student who takes parts of his tertiary education as a stay in a foreign country. The stay can be short or long. Students who take their entire education in foreign country are not part of this group.

Statistical unit

Number of student exchange programs.

Statistical population

Danish students at tertiary isced level programs who have taken part in a recognized exchange stay (studies or placement/internship/traineeship) abroad finished in the time period specified as well as foreign tertiary isced level students coming to Danish education institutions to conduct a part of their studies in Denmark.

Reference area


Time coverage

The educational institutions report exchange stays ended in the period from 01.09 until 31.08 the following year. Data are available from 2009-2010.

Base period

Not relevant for these statistics.

Unit of measure

Number of student exchange programs.

Reference period

The data collected relate to exchange visits ended in the period from 1st of September to 31st of August the following year.

Frequency of dissemination


Legal acts and other agreements

The Act on Statistics Denmark par. 8.

Cost and burden

No calculation of the response burden takes place as the information is collected via local data registers which are part of the administration system operated by educational establishments.


For more information please check the statistic's subject page or contact Statistics Denmark.