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Statistical processing

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Government Finances, Economic Statistics
Stefan Koch Olsen
+45 51 23 92 17

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Financial accounts for general government

The main sources are the accounts of central and local government as well as social security funds. Additional information are received from, among others, the Central Bank.

Data are mainly received on a quarterly basis and validated using other data sources and, when necessary, directly with the data providers.

The financial accounts for general government has with the compilation of Q2 2020 been revised for the period 2017-2020 as part of a major collaboration with Danmarks Nationalbank on the overall financial accounts for Denmark.

Source data

Sources for the financial accounts include:

  • Main sources are accounts for the general government, central government, local authorities, social securities funds and Extra budgetary units
  • Central government debt from Danmarks Nationalbank.
  • The Social Pensions Fund: Den sociale Pensionsfond (DSP).
  • Unquoted bonds. Agency for Modernisation and Ministry of Finance.
  • Stocks and flows of quoted and unquoted shares.
  • Quotations from Nasdaq OMX.
  • Accounts of extra budgetary units.
  • VP debt securities statistics from Danmarks Nationalbank
  • MFI statistics from Danmarks Nationalbank
  • Balance of Payments statistics from Danmarks Nationalbank

Frequency of data collection

Data is mainly collected quarterly.

Data collection

Data is mostly received by e-mail, but some data is also collected through webpages. Confidential data is received via a safe transmission Chanel (FTP).

Data validation

The final data validation is performed using other data sources and, where necessary, directly with the data providers.

Data compilation

After received upstream data and the initial error checking and validation, data is aggregated on the relevant instruments. The aggregated data are validated by comparison to previous periods and to other data sources. Following this, data is published on the Statistics Denmark website and sent to, among others, ECB and Eurostat.


Corrections are made to the upstream data, if errors are found during the validation processes.