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Government Finances, Economic Statistics
Stefan Koch Olsen
+45 51 23 92 17

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Financial accounts for general government

Current publications: The statistics are published in News from Statistics Denmark (Nyt fra Danmarks Statistik), and in the series Statistical News (Statistiske Efterretninger).


  • Statistical Yearbook (Statistisk Årbog) and Statistical Ten-year Rewiev (Statistisk Tiårsoversigt).
  • Annually financial accounts and Quarterly financial accounts for the general government sector (updated quarterly) (OFF13 and OFF22).

Subject page: Financial accounts, government finance.

Release calendar

The publication date appears in the release calendar. The date is confirmed in the weeks before.

Release calendar access

The Release Calender can be accessed on our English website: Release Calender.

User access

Statistics are always published at 8:00 a.m. at the day announced in the release calendar. No one outside of Statistics Denmark can access the statistics before they are published.

News release

Quarterly financial accounts for general government in Danish


Data is published in the Statistical yearbook and Statistisk årbog.

And data is available in the following tables in Statbank:

On-line database

The statistics are published in the StatBank under the subject Financial accounts, government finance in the following tables:

  • OFF13: Financial accounts by account, financial instrument, assets/liabilities, sector, consolidated/unconsolidated, counterpart sector and time.
  • OFF22: Financial accounts by account, financial instrument, assets/liabilities, consolidated/unconsolidated, counterpart sector and time.

Micro-data access

Upstream data material is received from the data providers and stored for further usage. The majority of the data is either published by Statistics Denmark or by the data providers themselves.


Data is also published by Eurostat and OECD.

Confidentiality - policy

Datafortrolighedspolitik i Danmarks Statistik

Confidentiality - data treatment

Not relevant for these statistics.

Documentation on methodology

A detailed description of methods is published in Statistical News for Quarterly Financial Accounts for General Government.

Quality documentation

Results from the quality evaluation of products and selected processes are available in detail for each statistics and in summary reports for the Working Group on Quality.