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Finance Companies, Accounts Statistics

The purpose of the statistics The activity of finance companies is to analyze the performance of major finance companies, including leasing companies, factoring companies, consumer credit companies and non-banking companies, offering loans to businesses and households. The statistics was first published in 2005 with figures for 2001-2004. It is a replacement for "Major finance companies, account statistics" and "Non-bank Consumer credit, Account Statistics".

Statistical presentation

The data covers the activity of the finance companies through additions during the year and outstanding amounts at the end of the year of leases, factoring and other kinds of lending. Also the sectors aggregated profit and loss account and balance sheet are determined.

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Statistical processing

The statistics is gathered by questionnaires. The company will be contacted in the absence of reporting. A manual validation of the data is performed before publication.

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As part of the general statistical information on the financial sector, the statistics refers to financial institutions, public authorities, business community and the general public. Furthermore, the data contributes to the national account statistics.

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Accuracy and reliability

These statistics accuracy and reliability is considered to be good. Based on the response rate of 100 percent, and the way the statistics are designed. However, there may be some uncertainty associated with coverage error, and measurement error due to new players and ongoing product development in the industry.

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Timeliness and punctuality

The publication time of the statistic is approx. eight months. The statistics are usually published without delay in relation to the scheduled date.

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The population is defined for relatively few units, causing some sensitivity to the constant changes in the population. This adjustment is a result of new players and where companies no longer meet the requirements to be included in the statistics.

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Accessibility and clarity

The statistics are published in News from Statistics Denmark here: Financing companies.

Data can be found in the following tables in the StatBank:

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