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Environmental Protection Expenditures

In general the statistics illustrate the total direct environmental protection expenditures in the covered types of industry. Distinction is made between current expenditures and investments. Current expenditures includes as well internal costs in the enterprises as purchase of services on environmental protection. Results can be further displayed on spending according to environmental purposes: Protection of ambient air and climate, Wastewater management, Waste management, Heat/energy saving and management and Other environmental protection activities

Statistical presentation

The statistics describes annually the expenditures on direct environmental protection by types of industry within mining, manufacturing and utilities. Expenditure are reported at environmental purposes either as internal operating expenses or purchase of services related to environmental protection. On the investment side investments are split in either prevention or treatment.

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Statistical processing

Data are collected among enterprises every second year. All enterprises with more than 50 employees are included plus few smaller ones where needed.

The results from data collection are grossed up to totals for each type of industry after data are imputed for the smaller enterprises. These results are supplemented by expenditures in water supply and data from R&D statistics on environmental R&D.

In years without data collection, the results are calculated using last years data, changes in turnover according to the account statistics, and the statistics on Investments in manufacturing industries

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The results is expected to meet the needs for the users. However, only direct costs are included in the statistics. Results from 2014 and onwards are included in the Green National Accounts.

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Accuracy and reliability

Overall, the results are expected to be reliable. Figures for errors are not yet compiled. The main challenge on quality is the imputation for smaller enterprises, where costs/employee rations are used. This method has been assessed in 2015 and found valid.

In years without data collection the results are less secure. Analyses show close relation between turnover and environmental costs on the short run. For investments the results of the estimation is less good due to few observations behind the results.

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Timeliness and punctuality

Results are published according to the schedule.

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The comparability is expected to be good from 2014 and onwards.

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Accessibility and clarity

The statistics are disseminated in the statbank. Env. expenditures in manufacturing.

Further, the results is part of a module in the Danish Environmental-economic accounts

Environmental-economic accounts.

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