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Statistical processing

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Population and Education, Social Statistics
Henning Christiansen
+45 39 17 33 05

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Elections to municipality councils

Data for these statistics are provided as an extraction from the election software system (managed by KMD) after the deadline has expired for complaints/objections.

Source data

The source of these statistics is the election software system managed by KMD. The counting takes place in the individual polling stations, which register the results in the election software system managed by KMD.

Frequency of data collection

Local and regional election data are compiled in continuation of the elections, which are held every four years on the third Tuesday of November.

Data collection

Data extractions are provided by KMD.

Data validation

The data delivery is subjected to validation as well as logical checks. If errors are detected in the data, a new extraction is provided by KMD. This procedure is repeated until an error-free data delivery is obtained.

Data compilation

The provided extraction is considered to be final.


No adjustments are made of the data. The extraction is provided after the deadline for complaints/objections has expired, and it is considered to be a final extraction.