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District Nursing (Discontinued)

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Personal Finances and Welfare, Social Statistics
Kamilla Heurlén
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District Nursing (Discontinued)

Statistics on home nursing is a revitalisation of the part of the indicators on municipal health regarding home nursing, where data are collected directly for the care systems of the municipalities. The statistic give the number of recipients, visits and services of home nursing.

Statistical presentation

The statistic of home nursing has information on number of visits and recipients of home nursing and on services delivered on types. The statistic is published in three tables in StatBank Denmark.

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Statistical processing

Before using the data from the municipal care systems Statistics Denmark perform a validation process. There is no subsequent acceptance of data by the municipalities. The municipalities can transmit revised data, which will be part of the coming version of the statistics. Statistics Denmark compile the number of visits on the timestamp for the delivered service. There are made no imputations, correction of data nor seasonal adjustment.

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The authorities and public institutions and citizens can use the statistics for analysis, research, debate etc. Yearly the statistics can be presented at two of Statistics Denmark's committees for users: Regions and Municipalities respectively Welfare Statistics.

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Accuracy and reliability

Data must be taken with reservations for the differences in the ways municipalities register. Over time within one municipality changes can also occur regarding coverage and/or practice, which can lead to shift in level. Since data are not available for all municipalities it is not possible to publish data for the regions and the whole country.

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Timeliness and punctuality

The statistics is published in March, less than three months after the end of the reference period.

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Comparability across time should be possible, though the comparability depends on the practice used in each municipality and possible changes in this over time. As regards the comparability on type of services this is assessed to be poor.

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Accessibility and clarity

Data are available on StatBank Denmark and via the homepage home nursing.

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