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Prices and Consumption, Economic Statistics
Martin Sædholm Nielsen
+45 39 17 30 05

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Development in Rents (housing)

The statistic measures the development in rent (housing).

The statistic is primarily used in calculating sub-indices in the consumer price index, the index of net retail prices and the harmonized index of consumer prices (HICP). Development in rent is used as an indicator for price development for rented dwellings and for regulating (indexation) rent contracts.s.

User Needs

The rent survey is used by users of the consumer and net price index, ie. a large number of public and private companies and the interested public in assessment of the economic development. The index is also used to regulate (index) rents.

User Satisfaction

Feedback is given at a yearly meeting held with the most important users.

Data completeness rate

The rent development is calculated in accordance with recommendations regarding the EU harmonized index of consumer prices (HICP).