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Development in Rents (housing)

The statistics have been compiled in the same way since 1982. The rent survey is directly comparable with similar rent-indices from other countries' EU harmonized consumer price index (HICP).

Comparability - geographical

The sub index of rents (COICOP group 04.1-2) under the harmonized index of consumer prices (HICP) is directly comparable with the same sub indices from other countries HICP's.

Comparability over time

The statistics have been compiled in the same way since 1982.

Since 2002 and until 2021 the reference period for the collected rents is January. Since 2022 the statistic has been quarterly with reference period January, April, July and October.

  • In the period April 1994 to October 1998: end of April and end of October.
  • In the period October 1998 to January 1999: end of October and end of January.
  • In the period January 1999 to January 2002: end of January and end of July.

After a new sample was drawn in 1982 the information has been gathered by questionnaires sent to the owners or administrators of the dwellings.

Since 2020 the calculation of the rent development in social housing has been based on administrative data from Landsbyggefonden, while the sample for privately owned rental housing was increased significantly from approx. 1100 dwellings to 140,000 dwellings in 2022.

Coherence - cross domain

There are no other statistics covering this area.

Coherence - internal

The data are consistent.