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Danish Vessels

The purpose of these statistics is a description of vessels registered in Denmark as fishing vessels. Data are provided by The Danish Fishieris Agencys register.

Statistical presentation

Statistics for the Danish fleet of fishing vessels are based on those vessels that are registered in The Danish Fisheries Agency as commercial fishing vessels. A registration is needed for commercial fishing.

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Statistical processing

The administrative register for fishing vessels have records of all vessels with permission to commercial fishery. Data are reported from owners of vessels on the form from the Fisheries agency. Data are checked for inconsistencies.

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Landing data is used to manage fishing and quota reporting of Danish fishing etc.

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Accuracy and reliability

This statistics covers all Danish commercial fishery vessels. Reporting to the register is mandatory and thus the statistics covers all legally reported fishing vessels. Recreative fishery is not included. There is a close cooperation with fishermen in relation to validation of data. Annually campaigns are made regarding applying of rules and reporting valid data.

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Timeliness and punctuality

These statistics are published annually around April 1st without delay.

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On the calculated level of aggregation, there is no significant data breach

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Accessibility and clarity

These statistics feature in a Danish press release and are published in the StatBank under Fishery and aquaculture, structure and production.

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