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The survey is comparable from 2008 onwards, and there is a high degree of comparability with previous surveys. Furthermore there is high degree of comparability with other European countries, especially the EU countries.

Comparability - geographical

Two time a year figures are submitted to the statistical office of EU, Euro stat. This includes special aggregates, not published nationally.

Data for all EU countries can be found in Euro stat database . The statistics are produced following the principles of an EU regulation, so the results are comparable.

Comparability over time

From 2008 the population is all cattle in Denmark (this is the same as all cattle recorded in the Central Register of Livestock Farms on the reference date). It is a full-scale census.

Sample before 2010: The sample covers all farms drawn from the Register of Agricultural Statistics where at the same time could be found in the general livestock register. A ratio estimation is carried out.

In 1980 heifers were divided into two groups: heifers in calf and heifers not in calf. In 1976 calves were further divided into semi-annual groups. In 1974 the census method and the census groups were changed to comply with EC directives. The census groups were supplemented by an age classification, and cows were divided into dairy cows and cows kept for suckling. In 1946 the survey was extended to include all Denmark, compared to only rural municipalities previously.

Coherence - cross domain

Every year Agricultural and Horticultural Survey is done and the number of cattle is estimated on the same level, see the tables:

  • HDYR1: Livestock by area, unit and kind
  • HDYR2: Livestock by unit and size of herd
  • HDYR07: livestock by country, unit and type

But there are some difference: the Agricultural and Horticultural Survey is an estimate and it only included farms of at least 5,0 hectares. See the Quality Declaration for Agricultural and Horticultural Survey for more information.

Coherence - internal

Not relevant for these statistics.