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Birth Cohort Crime

The purpose of the statistics is to analyse the number of persons from each birth cohort who have been found guilty in violation of the penal code during their lifetime. The statistics on birth cohort crime 2022 covers the birth cohorts 1965-2006.

Statistical presentation

The statistics shed light on the number of persons in each birth cohort who have been convicted for violation of the penal code during their life time.

The published statistics distributes the birth cohorts by sex and age at first conviction. Furthermore, the statistics show the age at first conviction for groups of offences.

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Statistical processing

Data from Statistics Denmark's register of convictions are linked to data from Statistics Denmark's population register.

When data are delivered to this statistics, they are already validated. However, central variables go through a probability check in form of a comparison with data from the previous year.

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The statistics are used broadly by the authorities, organisations, researchers, the press etc. Views and suggestions from key users are taken into consideration in the preparation of the statistics.

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Accuracy and reliability

The data used in the statistics are drawn from the Central Criminal Register. The data are typically drawn about 1 February following the relevant calendar year. A number of convictions made during the calendar year have not been registered before the data are drawn. This implies that the total number of convictions presumably is under-estimated.

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Timeliness and punctuality

The statistics are published approximately 6 months after the end of the reference year. The statistics are published without delay in relation to the scheduled time.

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The statistics has been prepared on the same data source since its start. In general, the statistics is therefore comparable during time.

Law amendments in terms of changes in the penalties for certain types of offences can have influenced the development in the proportion of the birth cohorts registered with a conviction for these kinds of offences.

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Accessibility and clarity

The statistics are published in: News from Statistics Denmark.

In StatBank the statistics are published in the tables STRAFFO1, STRAFFO2, STRAFFO3 og STRAFFO4.

Furthermore the statistics are published in the publication Kriminalitet (Criminality) and in StatBank.

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