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Statistical processing

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External economy, Economic Statistics
Maria José Alvarez Pelaez
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Balance of Payments

Data originates from other statistics. Some of the sources are used as they stand while others are used as indicators of development.

Source data

The statistics are prepared on the basis of the foreign trade statistics, cf. External trade in goods and International trade in services, and furthermore financial statistics of Danmarks Nationalbank (the Danish central bank) and information from public authorities, cf. General Government Finances. Supplementary information from other statistics is used, and supplementary information is collected with the International trade in services. Some of the sources are used as they stand while others are used as indicators of development.

Frequency of data collection

Not relevant for these statistics.

Data collection

Data for the current account in the balance of payments is obtained from existing statistics and internal deliveries in Statistics Denmark.

Data validation

The data received from other statistics are summarily reviewed. The development in overall items goods, services, compensation of employees, investment income and current transfers is examined. At suspicion of deficiencies, the suppliers of the data are contacted with the aim of getting possible amendments rapidly.

Data compilation

The balance of payments is compiled on a monthly basis every month. To the extent that information for the month concerned is unavailable projections are conducted based on information from earlier months or earlier quarters or years. Quarterly and annual information is also used for imputations of monthly figures when such are not directly available.


Seasonal adjustment is applied on the main items of the current account. Indirect seasonal adjustment is used in the calculation of the other seasonally adjusted figures. Data is seasonally adjusted using JDemetra+ with fixed model examined every two years. There will be adjusted for Easter, trading days and leap years if these effects are significant. There is no special adoption of the annual figures, and there can be discrepancies between actual and seasonally adjusted figures annually.