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External economy, Economic Statistics
Maria José Alvarez Pelaez
+45 39 17 34 86

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Balance of Payments

The publication of balance of payments statistics in general and of the monthly figures in particular calls great public interest.

User Needs

Traditionally, the balance of payments statistics form part of the most important background information in the planning of the economic policy of the country. Thus, one important user is the Ministry of Finance. The balance of payments statistics is used in the compilation of the national accounts. The balance of payments statistics constitutes Denmark's contribution to the compilation of the EU Balance of payments. Other external users are academia, international organizations and journalist.

User Satisfaction

User Satisfaction is not measured.

Data completeness rate

The publication of data in the Danish balance of payments is largely compatible with the EU requirements on data reporting. In some cases more detail is displayed; and in other cases, where statistical uncertainty is considered too big, aggregation is performed.