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Adult Education Survey (AES)

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Population and Education, Education
Jonas Holst-Jensen
+45 39 17 31 25

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Adult Education Survey (AES) 2016

The purpose of Adult Education Survey is to give a description of the adult populations participation in life long learning. The survey has been carried out in all EU-countries after the same guidelines. This makes the Adult Education Survey the best Danish survey for international comparisons on participation in the life long learning.

Statistical presentation

The AES (Adult Education Survey) describes the adult Danish population's (aged 25-64 years) participation in life long learning activities, both in the formal and non-formal education system. Respondents answered among other things about the content of their ongoing education activities, the costs involved, and the volume of the education. .

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Statistical processing

Data comes from interviews conducted in 2017. 3432 interviews with persons in the age group 25-64 years have been conducted.

The sample has been drawn from the Population register. The net sample size is 7868persons.

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AES is mainly used by public authorities and international organizations and it s the major detailed survey giving details about adults participation in life long learning activities on an international bases.

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Accuracy and reliability

The AES is in general a reliable survey. However, when analyzing data based on breakdown of several variables the basic number of respondents can be very small which increases the uncertainty considerably. Results from the AES survey can be used for labor market analysis, in research projects and in the public debate.

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Timeliness and punctuality

The AES is in general published according to agreed timing.

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Data from the EU countries are published by Eurostat.

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Accessibility and clarity

The Danish AES is published in the news release of NYT fra Danmarks Statistik (News from Statistics Denmark) and in the StatBank Denmark. The main results of AES will are published by Eurostat in a common European report.

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