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Accounts Statistics for Aquaculture

The purpose of the statistics is to show the economy of Danish Aquaculture. The statistics is used by the fish farmer and their organization, Danish Aquaculture, as well as authorities and legislators. The Statistics is used in economic models and as a basis for yearly economic statistical reports for aquaculture to EU (DG Mare). The statistic has been produced by Department of Food and Resource Economics at University of Copenhagen since 2004 and in the current form by Statistics Denmark from 2009 and onwards.

Statistical presentation

The Account statistics for aquaculture is an annual estimation of the production value and costs, results, assets and liabilities and investments of the aquaculture sector in Denmark.

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Statistical processing

Data for this statistics are collected yearly from the aquaculture companies' chartered accountants using an electronic accounting form. The collected accounts (the sample) are thoroughly tested, and possible errors corrected in cooperation with the reporting accountant. When all accounts are approved for statistical use, the sample of approved accounts are used together with register data for the entire population to simulate individual accounts for all units not in the sample.

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Relevant for the organizations in aquaculture, the aquaculture farmers and the Danish authorities. Scientists at universities, especially Department of Food and Resource Economics at University of Copenhagen.

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Accuracy and reliability

The statistic is based on a sample, hence the results are uncertain. The aim is to include the biggest companies in the sample, and that 75 per cent of gross revenue is covered by the sample. There are no planned revisions of the statistics.

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Timeliness and punctuality

The statistics is normally made public before one year after the conclusion of the reference year.

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The statistics is comparable from 2004 to present. All EU member states submit statistics to the Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries. Hence, it's possible to make comparisons within the EU. The Danish Fisheries Agency publish a Structure and production statistics for the profession.

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Accessibility and clarity

The statistics is published yearly in a Danish press release and in the StatBank under Fishery and aquaculture, accounts statistics. For more information please see the subject page for these statistics.

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