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Account Statistics for Fishery

The purpose with the Account Statistics for fishery is to review the economy of the fishery sector. The Statistics is used in economic models and as a basis for yearly economic statistical reports for the fishery to EU (DG Mare). The statistic has been produced by Department of Food and Resource Economics at University of Copenhagen since 1996 and was transferred to Statistics Denmark from January 2009.

Statistical presentation

The Account Statistics for Fishery covers the commercial fishery by fishing vessels registered in Denmark. The statistics is based on vessel units and is calculated for groups of fishing vessels (fleet segments) based on vessel size and main gear use.

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Statistical processing

The authorized accountants report yearly the account for their fishery client. The collected accounts are thoroughly tested. When all accounts has been approved for statistical use, the sample of approved accounts are used together with register data for the entire population to simulate individual accounts for all units not in the sample.

The complete dataset with individual balanced accounts for all units in the population is then merged with register data on vessel characteristics, gear use etc. in order to calculate parameters for statistical groups (vessel segments).

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The account statistic is relevant for the Ministry of Environment and Food, the AgriFish Agency, the fishing industry and researchers with interest in fishery economics. The statistics is used in the yearly report Economic Situation of the Danish Fishery, published by Department of Food and Resource Economics. Furthermore the data is used in the Fleet Economic Report to EU.

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Accuracy and reliability

The statistic is based on a sample and the results are uncertain. The precision rely on the covering of the sample. Therefore the sample rate is bigger for vessels with high revenue. The aim is each year to include the 100 biggest vessels in the sample, and that 80 per cent of the total value of landings in Danish fishery come from the vessels in the sample.

Investments have the most uncertainty, because exchange of a vessel could result in closure of the fishing firm, and set up a new firm to run the new vessel.

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Timeliness and punctuality

The statistics is normally made public before one year after the conclusion of the refence year.

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The Account Statistics for Fishery is prepared using the same overall principles as the account statistics for agriculture, horticulture and aquaculture.

The statistics has been prepared yearly since 1996. Break in series occurs in 2001 due to inclusion of unpaid salary to active (working) partners, and in 2009 and again 2012 due to improved calculation of the capital value of fishing rights.

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Accessibility and clarity

The statistics is published yearly in NYT from Statistics Denmark. Data is accessible on StatBank Denmark in the tables AKFIREGN, FIREGN1, FIREGN2 and NFISK.

More information on the statistics subject web-page: Fishery

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