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Go to target 11.5: Reduce the adverse effects of natural disasters Go to target 11.5
Target 11.6: Target 11.6
Target 11.6

By 2030, reduce the adverse per capita environmental impact of cities, including by paying special attention to air quality and municipal and other waste management.

Go to target 11.7 Go to target 11.7: Provide access to safe and inclusive green and public spaces


Annual mean levels of fine particulate matter (e.g. PM2.5 and PM10) in cities (population weighted)

The indicator is calculated by Institute for Environmental Science, University of Aarhus. Data stem from 11 monitoring stations, including 9 stations in the 4 largest cities. The measurement data is supplemented with estimations in quality models. The indicator is calculated according to UN guidelines.

Last updated: 05-06-2020

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