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The average Dane

The average Dane has the surname Nielsen and is 41.8 years old. He or she sees a doctor or a dentist a little more than ten times a year. He or she drives a Volkswagen and usually spends his or her holidays in Spain.


Him and her

  • Anne and Peter are the most common names, and Nielsen is the most common surname.
    The most popular full names are Henrik Nielsen for men and Kirsten Nielsen for women.
  • The average age is 41.8 years. For women it is 42.7 years and for men 41.0 years.
  • 50.2 per cent of the population are women.
  • On average, men live 79.3 years, while women live 83.2 years.

Working life

  • The average Dane has an income of 326,048 DKK a year before tax. Besides for salary, income also includes return from capital, income from independent business and transfer payments.
  • An average couple with two children has a yearly income of 984,453 DKK before tax.
  • Employees have a monthly average salary of 42.571 DKK before tax.


Family life

Spare time

  • "Ternet Ninja" was the movie that was watched by most Danes in 2019. 607,000 cinema tickets were sold.
  • The average Dane goes to the cinema more than twice a year.
  • When Danes go on vacation for more than four days, the most popular destination is Spain. 15 per cent of all Danish vacations were in Spain in 2019.
  • Most adults are present on social media. Four out of five Danes ages 16-74 has an active profile on social media.
  • The majority of both women and men streams music on the internet. This applies to practically everyone aged 16-39 and 70 per cent of the population. 
  • Until the COVID-19 lockdown in March 2020, tickets for the theatre, cinema and concerts were the most popular items online. The pandemic has reduced the sales of some things, but boosted the online sale of fastfood and ready-made meals. Half of the population have bought them.



  • One in nine Danes is admitted to hospital every year.
  • On average, every Dane has contact with a doctor or a dentist 10.6 times a year.
  • The annual sales of cigarettes etc. equals 1.196 cigarettes – or almost 60 packs - per citizen above the age of 18.
  • An average adult buys the equivalent of 9,5 litres pure alcohol anually. This corresponds to 12,2 units of alcohol a week.

Energy and Transportation


Margrethe Pihl Bisgaard