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The average Dane

In 2016 the average Dane has the name Nielsen as surname and is 41.2 years old. More information can be found by clicking on the icons below.

Him and her

  • Anne and Peter are the most common – and thus the most average – names, and Nielsen is the most common surname
  • The average age is 41.2 years. For women it is 42.1 years and for men 40.3 years
  • 50.28 per cent of the population are women
  • On average, men live 78.6 years, while women live 82.5 years


  • On average, women get married for the first time at 32.0 years, men at 34.5 years
  • On average, a bride’s age is 35.6 years, while a groom’s age is 38.4 years
  • Most divorces happen when people are between 40 and 49 years

Family life

  • On average, a woman is 29.1 years, when she gives birth to her first child
  • The average age of all birthing women is 30.9 years
  • On average, a new dad is 33.5 years. A first-time dad is 31.3 years old
  • Newborns are most often named Sofia or William
  • Danes get an average of 1.71 children

Working life

  • The average Dane has an income of 299,000 DKK a year
  • An average couple with two children has a yearly income of 884,600 DKK.
  • The average amount that families have for themselves after taxes is 344,800 DKK.

Spare time #1

  • "Spectre" was the movie that was watched by most Danes in 2015. 884,000 cinema tickets were sold.
  • The average Dane goes to the cinema 2.4 times a year.
  • 42 per cent of the Danes read a newspaper on a daily basis
  • Familie Journalen is the most popular weekly magazine with 152,000 numbers printed

Spare time #2

  • When Danes go on vacation, the most popular destination is Spain. 15 per cent of all vacations go to Spain
  • Danes watch TV an average of 2 hours and 53 minutes a day
  • Every Dane loans five books a year from the library


  • One in every seven persons moves every year. 885,000 changes of address were registered in 2015
  • 58 per cent of all Danes are home owners
  • The average living space per person is 52 square meters.
  • An average of 2.1 persons live in each household


  • One out of nine Danes is admitted to hospital every year
  • On average, every Dane visits a doctor or a dentist 10 times a year
  • The average citizen above the age of 14 years drinks 9.5 liters of alcohol per year, when wine, beer and spirits sold during the year are converted to alcohol
  • The annual sale of cigarettes and the like is 1,182 per inhabitant over the age of 14


  • More than 77 per cent of all transportation in Denmark is done by car
  • Volkswagen was the most sold car in 2015 with 22,400 (10,8 per cent of all newly registered cars)


The primary source is Statistical Yearbook 2016. The figures in the book are the latest ones published, hence it varies which year the figures are from.


See also a portrait of the average young Danes at (open the PDF, and go to pages 18-19).

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