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The average Dane

The average Dane has the surname Nielsen and is 41.5 years old. Her or his annual income before taxes is 325,892 DKK. He or she drives a Volkswagen and usually spends his or her holidays in Spain.

Him and her

  • Anne and Peter are the most common names, and Nielsen is the most common surname.
    The most popular full names are Henrik Nielsen for men and Kirsten Nielsen for women.
  • The average age is 41.5 years. For women it is 42.5 years and for men 40.8 years.
  • 50.2 per cent of the population are women.
  • On average, men live 79.0 years, while women live 82.9 years.


  • 46 per cent of the adult Danes (18+ years) are married.
  • 46.5 per cent of all marriages end in a divorce.
  • A marriage that ends in divorce lasts 12.6 years on average.
  • On average, women get married for the first time at 32.5 years, men at 34.9 years.
  • On average, a bride’s age is 36.0 years, while a groom’s age is 38.8 years.
  • Most divorces happen when people are between the ages of 40 and 49.

Family life

  • On average, a woman is 29.3 years old, when she gives birth to her first child.
  • The average age of all women giving birth is 30.8 years.
  • On average, a new dad is 33.4 years old.
  • Newborns are most often named Emma (girls) or William (boys).
  • Danes have an average of 1.73 children.

Working life

  • The average Dane has an income of 326,048 DKK a year before tax.
  • An average couple with two children has a yearly income of 984,453 DKK before tax.

Spare time

  • "Journal 64" was the movie that was watched by most Danes in 2018. 749,000 cinema tickets were sold.
  • The average Dane goes to the cinema more than twice a year.
  • When Danes go on vacation for more than four days, the most popular destination is Spain. 17 per cent of all Danish vacations were in Spain in 2018.
  • Most adults are present on social media. Four out of five Danes ages 16-74 has an active profile on social media.
  • The majority of both women and men streams music on the internet. Six out of ten women and seven out of ten men between 16 and 74 years listens to music over the internet.


  • Each year one in every eight persons moves from one living space to another. 892,045 changes of address were registered in 2018.
  • 57 per cent of all Danes own the homes they live in.
  • An average of 2.1 persons live in each household.
  • 95 per cent of all Danish families have access to the internet at home.


  • One in nine Danes is admitted to hospital every year.
  • On average, every Dane has contact with a doctor or a dentist 10.5 times a year.

Energy and Transportation

  • On average a Danish family spent 23,940 DKK on energy (electricity, gas and other fuels) in 2018.
  • 71 per cent of all passenger traffic in Denmark is done by car.

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