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Executive Board

The executive board of Statistics Denmark is composed of the director general and the five directors. The head of the management office also attends the weekly management meetings.

Photographs by Martin Sylvest. Click the picture to download high resolution picture

Birgitte Anker

Birgitte Anker, Director General 

See the CV of Birgitte Anker

Torben Søborg

Torben Søborg, Director og User Services

See the CV of Torben Søborg

Niels Ploug

Niels Ploug, Director of Social Statistics 

See the CV of Niels Ploug

Søren Schiønning

Søren Schiønning Andersen, Director of Business Statistics 

See the CV of Søren Schiønning

Kirsten Balling

Kirsten Balling, Director of Economic Statistics 

See the CV of Kirsten Balling

Carsten Zangenberg

Carsten Ulrik Zangenberg, Director of Communication and Sales 

See the CV of Carsten Ulrik Zangenberg

Kim Voldby Pedersen

Kim Voldby Pedersen, Head of Management Office 

See the CV of Kim Voldby Pedersen