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International Trade in Services - monthly

The survey captures international trade in services and goods contributing to the balance of payments. The latter includes trade in goods that are both purchased and sold abroad without crossing the Danish border.   

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Deadlines for data submission

Period Deadline
January 2023 February 14
February 2023 March 14
March 2023 April 19
April 2023 May 16
May 2023 June 14
June 2023 July 14
July 2023 August 15
August 2023 September 14
September 2023 October 16
October 2023 November 14
November 2023 December 14
December 2023 January 15, 2024

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Description of the statistic

The purpose of the statistic is to measure Denmark’s international trade in services (import and export of services). The statistic describes both the type of service and the partner country/region.

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