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Reporting to International Trade in Services

You can use IDEP.web to make online declarations to International Trade in Services. IDEP.web can also be used to report to Intrastat and to EU sales without VAT.

You can choose to enter data in the online form or import data from an Excel file.

If you already have a digital employee signature, you can start reporting via IDEP.web today:

Start IDEP.web

If you don’t have an employee signature, you can apply for one at:

Data import - Excel files via IDEP.web

Companies who have transactions with many different countries and/or services, or who wish to import files from their ERP system can use the Excel format. Download an example file and instructions from the list below:

IDEP guides - Services

Data Import Guides

Excel File Examples

IDEP support

If you need help with IDEP.web, you are welcome to contact us:

+45 39 17 31 80

IDEP support

Business Data Collection and Registers

Contact us via our support form. We will reply by e-mail or phone.

Data Collection Support Form

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