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Retail turnover

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Companies typically spend approx.
5 minutes on this survey.

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How to complete the survey

What is your data used for?

Retailers in approx. 40 different subgroups report monthly turnover from sales to consumers – including turnover via e-commerce (e-retail). The statistic is an important tool for the decision-makers, market analysts and others, to assess the current economic situation and development in Denmark.

More about the survey:

Survey deadlines

The 9th of every month.

The first results are published approximately 20 days after the end of the reference month. The quality of the statistic depends on the prompt reporting from all industries.

Request an extension of the deadline.

The data you must report

You report your monthly turnover – either including or excluding VAT. Some companies have to distribute their turnover into “Food and other groceries”, “Clothing and footwear” and “Other consumables”. All companies must report the share of the total turnover sold via e-commerce (e-retail).

See all of the questions: Retail turnover - General (PDF) .
See all of the questions: Retail turnover - Product differentiated (PDF).

Typical time spent per report is approximately 5 minutes

Companies can voluntarily state the time spent in the declaration solution. Companies typically spend approximately 5 minutes on a report – including access, provision of information, data entry and possible support.


How to complete the survey

Report digitally via PC, tablet or smartphone with MitID. Owners of sole-proprietorship can also report with their private MitID.

Select START REPORTING above and report with MitID.

  • Once you are logged in, you can report for several periods and to several statistics.
  • If the report is interrupted, you can save a draft.
  • You can reopen and edit the report with your MitID.

Select REPORT WITHOUT MITID above and go directly to the report without MitID.

  • EasyAccess opens the form for the latest month. Previous periods cannot be accessed.
  • Enter the company’s CVR no. and the journal no., which you can find in the request for reporting.
  • You can also start your report via the direct link in the request letter.
  • Note: For access without MitID, you should fill in and report data in one go, as the data will not be saved if you stop before submitting the report. Additionally, it is not possible to reopen or edit your report after the submission. Furthermore, you can only report for the current period, and not for previous reports you are missing.
Why you must complete the survey

Reporting is mandatory by law

EU legislation obliges Denmark to produce a number of business statistics.

Act on Statistics Denmark, Section 8-12a obliges businesses to report information for statistics.

The number of companies required to report

The survey is based on a sample of approximately 2000 Danish retail trade enterprises. The companies are selected based on VAT-reports to the Danish tax administration.

How are the companies chosen?

The sample consist of 42 subgroups and enterprises are sampled based on their share of the yearly turnover for the given subgroup. The companies are ranked from largest to smallest and the companies, whose rank constitutes the bottom 10 pct. of turnover for their subgroup when summed, are never selected to participate. The companies whose rank lies between 11 and 49 pct. of the subgroup’s yearly summed turnover, are randomly selected. Lastly, the larger firms whose turnover altogether lies in the top 50 pct. of the yearly turnover for their subgroup are always included in the sample.

Support for the survey
Do you need help?

Our support team can reply to you via email or phone.

Support request form.

Longer deadline?

Request an extension through our support request form.

Request an extension.

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