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    Educational attainment of the youth (discontinued)

    By region, ancestry, highest education completed, receiving education, age, sex and time
    1991-2006 (Number)

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    Public funding for cultural purposes (discontinued)

    By cultural domains, purpose, financing source, financing type and time
    2007-2019 (m DKK)

    purpose, Total, 100th anniversary of the sale of the Danish West Indies, 200 years anniversary for The Norwegian Constitution, Administration, Administrative costs connected to Lotto Funds, Adminitrative contribution, Administrative Task Force, Academic Rifle Club, Accreditation of Education, Journals on General Cultural Issues, Other purposes, Alternative Sports for Children and Youth, Other Leisure Activities, Other Sports Purposes, Other Cultural Tasks, Spare funds for construction works at distinct national buildings, Anti-Doping Denmark, Anti-doping Municipality Denmark, The Labour Movement Library and Archive, Work-related injuries etc., Aarhus School of Architecture, Architecture Policy Initiatives, Archives Purposes, Historical Publications Etc., Archaeological Investigations, Basic Research Funds, Basic Research Funds, Wages, Basic Research Funds, Other operational costs, Better service and new technology at institutions under the Ministry of Culture, Payment for Education, and DanBib Etc., Public Lending Right, Venice Biennale of Architecture - Building, Visual arts, Visual Art Purposes, The Danish Arts Foundation - Committee for Visual Arts, Cinemas, Magazines and Journals, Homing Pigeon Sports, Budget Adjustment, focused on the administration of the state, wages, Budget Adjustment, focused on the administration in the state, other operating costs, Budget Adjustment, Increased Intake of Apprentices in the Public Administration, Children and Youth Strategy, Child certificates, Children of Culture, Operational costs, Network for Children and Culture, Projects, Center for Applied Artistic Innovation, Danish Centre for Design Research, The Center for Cultural and Experience Economy, The Danish Center for Culture and Development, County Library, Art gallery Charlottenborg, Copenhagen International Film Festival, Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Daily Newspapers, Publications Similar to daily Newspapers, Daily Papers Committee, Refund for Treasure Trove Belonging to the Danish State, Danish Crafts, Danish Crafts - lotto Funds, The Danish Design School (after 2011: The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts schools of architecture, design and conservation), Denmarks Electronic Research Library, Wages (DEEF), Denmarks Electronic Research Library, Grants (DEEF), Denmarks Electronic Research Library, Remaining Operation (DEEF), National Olympic Committee and Sports Confederation of Denmark, Danish Canon of Cultural Works, The Danish National Art Library, Danish Theatres Associations/The National Society for Promotion of Drama, The Danish Amateur Theatre Association, The Danish Architecture Centre, Danish Dance Theatre, Danish Dance Theatre, Operating Grants, Danish Federation for Company Sport, Danish Folklore Archives, Danish Chairmanship in the Nordic Council, The Danish Sports Organization for the Disabled and Paralympic Committee Denmark, Consultancy Services, The Danish Museum of Hunting and Forestry, Danish Candidacy to UNESCO World Heritage Committee 2011-2015, Danish Agricultural Museum, Danish School Sports, The Danish Language Council, Danish Gymnastics and Sports Associations, Danish Concert- and Culture Centres, for international guest performances, Danish Cultural Monuments outside Denmark, Developing the Digital Library, The Danish Jewish Museum, Ministry of Cultures Rectors, The National Film School of Denmark, The Hirschsprung Collection, The Danish National School of Performing Arts, Danish National Opera, The Royal School of Singing, The nationwide performing Arts Portal, Literature Fund, Department of the Ministry of Culture, Design Policy Initiatives, Design Traineeship, Kolding School of Design, The Danish Academy, The Author Prize, The Danish Academy, The Grand Prize, The Danish Film Institute, The Danish Institute in Rome, The Danish Cultural Institute, The Danish Academy of Musical Theatre, Society for Danish Language and Literature, Society for Danish Language and Literature, operational costs, Society for Danish Language and Literature, Grants for, European Audiovisual Observatory, Funen Art Academy (from 2012: The Academies of Fine Arts), The Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, Southern Denmark (AMDA), The Royal School of Library and Information Science, The Jutland Art Academy (from 2012: The Academies of Fine Arts), The Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus/Aalborg, The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, The Royal Library, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation - School of Architecture, The Royal Danish Academy of Music, The Danish Royal Theatre, The Copenhagen Theatre Co, The New Theater, The German Minority for Research Library Purposes, The German Minoritys Library System, Digitalisation of cultural heritage, Digitalisation and Communication, Digitalisation in the Cultural Affairs Area, Wages, Digitalisation in the cultural affairs area, other operational costs, Digitalisation at Museums, Other awards, Miscellaneous Grants for Research Library Purposes, Other subsidies, WAYF Retrieval System, The Danish National School of Playwriting, Operation and maintenance of listed buildings and buildings worthy of preservation, Grants for music schools, DVD Compensation for rights owners, Re-adjustment of Public Lending Right Fee, Re-adjustment of Grants for Daily Newspapers, Re-adjustment of Grants for Publication of Similar to Daily Newspapers, Re-adjustment, Magazines and Journals, Regional Theatre - 50 % Reimbursement in 2008, The Building Vestindisk Pakhus, Electronic Cultural Heritage, Electronic Registration of Collections, A Nation of Literature Readers, European Capital of Culture 2017, European Capital of Culture 2017 - Lotto Funds, 2008 - European Year of Intercultural Dialogue, Film festival, International Film Festival Activities, Finn Juhls House, Ordrupgaard, Public Libraries, Folk high schools, building grants, Folk High Schools, operational tariffs (before 2014: operational and supplementary grants), Folk high schools, operational grants, Folk high schools, student support for students under 18 years, Folk high schools, supplementary grants, Folk high schools, supplementary charges for special priority learner groups, Folk high schools, grants for special education, Folk high schools, grants for severely disabled, Liberal adult education, Liberal adult education and Folk High Schools,, lotto Funds, Danish University Extension, administrative costs, Danish University Extension, operational grants, Improvement of maintenance conditions at museums, The School for Writers, Dissemination of Denmark´s history, Dissemination of Theatrical Performance, Dissemination plan, Graduate Research School, Research in Architecture and Design, Research in Communication, Research at State Museums and State recognized museums, Research Portal, Research Projects, The Year of Industrial Culture, Cultural Schools Scheme, Cultural Schools Scheme etc., Experiments with New Circus Education, Ancient monument Conservation Archives, Listed Buildings and Buildings Worthy of Preservation, The Frigate Jylland, Cities of Refuge, Leisure Activities not Included in General Education Act, Leisure Activities not Included in General Education Act - other, Voluntary involvement in association activities regarding general education, Voluntary involvement in association activities regarding general education - other, The Fulbright Commission, Mergers Ministry of Culture, Common Objectives (General Education and Leisure Activities Etc.), Common Objectives (General Education and Leisure Activities Etc.) - other, Restoration of the bathroom in kunsthal Charlottenborg, Restoration of Arkens roof, The Danish Design Schools Centre for Glass and Ceramics - Bornholm, Golden Days - General Office, Basic subsidy for folk high schools, Danish Centre for Writers and Translators (Hald Hovedgaard), Handicap Arrangements at Ministry of Cultures state institutions, Disability Sport Information Centre, Danish Disability Sport Information Centre, operational grants, Disabled peoples participation in liberal audult education and voluntary associations activities, Plan of Action, Major Sport Events, Funds for Financing Horse Racing, Website on Handicapped Childrens Sport, The Holberg Edition, Subsidies for Musicians Fees, House artist scheme, Sports for People with Special Needs, Sports for Disadvantaged Children, Sports in vulnerable housing sectors, Sports Foundation Denmark, Sport Research, Sports Policy Action Plan, Sports Policy Initiatives, Research Institute for Sport, Purchasing efficiency and reduction of the use of consultants in public administration, Revenue Regarding Unspent Film Grants, Initiatives according to communication plan, Sports Statistics, Funds for Development of National Cultual Institutions, International Culture Exchanges, International Cultural Exchange, Activities with The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Sports and Culture Association (ISCA), International Activities (funds), Investment reserve fund for national cultural institutions, Icelandic-Danish Dictionary, Restoration, Listed Buildings, Subsidies for Restoration Work, Danish Language Campaign, Distributed by the Ministry of Culture, Knowledge Exchange Office, KODA Duty, Municipal contributions to the youth schools, Compensation to Rights Holders, Compensation to State-recognized Museums, Competence Expanding Process, Corporate IT, Preservation of endangered objects, Consultancy and staff training, Short Films and Documentary Films, Culture in the municipalities, Culture / business collaboration, Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Foreign Affairs Internat.

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